I Love Pumpkin Everything!

Well, it’s been far too long since my last post.  I’m a bad Aryn.  I’ve been missing blogging recently, so I cleared off my desk, I do so hate working in a cluttered environment, and here I am!

With (WHOA, what?  The equinox isn’t until) Tuesday (?!) being the official start to autumn in the northern hemisphere, the season of pumpkin-flavored-everything has begun.  To kick it off last night, I made a One-Pot Creamy Pumpkin Pasta, courtesy of Kitchen Treaty.  Recipe here.

And here’s my experience of it.

First I made a few changes.  My best friend gave me a bunch of fresh sage, so I sliced it to ribbons and tossed it in because I have no idea what else I would do with fresh sage.  I also doubled the recipe, because I live with my 6 foot 3 boyfriend who doesn’t understand the phrase “portion control.”

Second of all, I hate that prep time never includes getting stuff out of cabinets or the fact that I cut onions slow as damn molasses.  So, technically the prep time was only 10 minutes.  To be fair, that’s probably how long it took me to cut up the onions.  But getting everything else out and prepping the parsley and the wine and all the spices and the sage (which of course was added time) took me much closer to 45 minutes.  I do like to take my time in the kitchen.

Then everything should be brought to a rolling boil.  Once things are brought to a boil, a timer is supposed to be set for 9 minutes. Because I doubled the recipe, I clearly had to play this a little by ear.  I set a timer for 18 minutes.  By 9 minutes the pasta was cooked, but the sauce was not “a little soupy” as described, but totally soup.  So I allowed it to cook the rest of the 9 minutes.  It would have been perfect to take it off the heat at that point, but I like a thick sauce, so I cooked it another 5 minutes.

The sauce was exactly what I wanted, but the pasta was rather overcooked.  If I had my way, and I repeat this recipe, I will add the pasta halfway into the cooking process.  That should give me the thick sauce I want without the mushy pasta as shown below.

After letting it sit for 5 minutes, instead of just topping my pasta with the parsley, I folded it in, because otherwise my boyfriend would never have used any of it and that large bunch would have gone to waste.

All in all a delicious and filling dish that I plan to make.

However, to add to my desire to add the pasta later, came this afternoon when I came home and started washing my dishes.  Apparently a LOT of the pasta got burned to the bottom of the pot.  Brillo pads are my friends.

Maybe I should call this column cooking for spaz-monkeys.

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3 thoughts on “I Love Pumpkin Everything!

  1. Desiree says:

    Despite the fact that the pasta looks mushy, it looks pretty tasty. I think I may give this a try since I have a can of pumpkin in my pantry.

  2. Walker says:

    You’re not a bad Aryn. I always miss blogging, even when I do it.

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