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Is it possible? A Female Joker?

If you haven’t watched the last two episodes of Gotham stop now.  Seriously stop reading.  There are heavy duty spoilers ahead.  Why are you still here?  SPOILERS AHOY!

Evan and I finished the last couple episodes of Gotham last night and they were pretty good, considering it felt that for most of the season the show sort of floundered.  Batman’s a hard genre to tackle in a real world setting and I’m not sure they got it quite right for most of the season.  Until Fish returned.  Now she stank of Batman-villain and it was glorious.  Anyway, that’s not the point of this post.

The point is as follows:  When the season started, I heard rumors that by end of the season they were planning on introducing the Joker.  So, needless to say, I had high expectations for the season finale.  Now, you’ll have to forgive me, we binge watched the last two episodes so I don’t remember exactly what happened in the second-to-last versus the last.

Barbara is kidnapped and in true Stockholm Syndrome fashion is asked by the man who kidnapped her and claims to love her “Who do you want me to kill?”  Via some police work, Gordon learns that they’re on their way up to Barbara’s parents’ house.  We see Barbara and her kidnapper speaking to her parents and she whispers, “Please.”  The next time we see Barbara, her eyes are totally blank and her dress has blood on it.  She is rescued, but her parents are already dead.

The creepy-ass blank look in Barbara’s eyes, this is clearly why they hired this actress, which I truly never understood before.  This was also when an idea started to come to me.  Was it possible that Barbara was the Joker?  Wouldn’t that turn the fandom on it’s head?  I’d away suspected that Gordon’s current girlfriend was being set up to be Harley Quinn and we know from her relationships in the comics that she swings a little bit both ways (Hello, Poison Ivy).

During the last episode of the season, there’s a mob war going on between Falcone and Marconi, facilitated by Penguin.  It’s a pretty epic war, and what makes it most epic is Fish and Selina Kyle’s appearance.  During all of this, Barbara is being counseled by Gordon’s girlfriend.  She is pushing Barbara to talk about what happened at her parents’ house.  She wants Barbara to talk out her problems, when it turns out that Barbara’s problems are really reality.  She feels “this is the dream […] that [she] will wake up and he will be alive and coming for [her].”  Which the Doc interprets as an unrealistic fear – I interpret as wishful.  She then tells the Doc that she killed her parents.  I believe that she had fallen in love with her captor, that he had turned her, convinced her that this crazy, murderer was her true self.

I have come to believe that Barbara could be the Joker!  That it would be a truly awesome turn.  It would, as I stated previously, turn the entire fandom on it’s head.  But!  Imagine the merch!  Imagine the cosplay!   If they do it correctly, imagine the most epic female villain in the entire Batman universe!  Joker has always played chaotic evil, what would be more chaotic than to change his evil persona to her evil persona.  I would be truly excited to see the next season.  It could give the show the character that it so badly needs – it could give the show the direction that it needs to continue.  Or it could crash and burn.  But I would truly love to see that.  It would be an amazing experiment in making the Joker longer living – what if he’s not a single man, but the mantle is passed down from crazy to crazy?  What if this time it’s a woman?  Joker’s so mutilated that it’s impossible or should be to truly identify even the gender of the Joker.  Especially since Gotham‘s sort of kind of in modern times with possible facial recognition?  Is it possible that this is why Joker cuts off his face in the new comics?  Is it possible that he handed his mantle to a woman?

Apparently I’m a conspiracy theorist!  JOKER IS A WOMAN.  JOKER IS A WOMAN.  BELIEVE IT.

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Raggedy Man. Goodnight.

Halloween - The Doctor and Starbuck

As we all know, Christmas was Matt Smith’s last episode with Doctor Who.  If you didn’t know that and you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’ve been living under some sort of rock for the past 6 months or so.

I thought I was going to be crying like a little baby through the entire episode.  While I believe that David Tennant will probably go down as my generation’s Doctor, as Tom Baker’s was my mother’s generation’s Doctor, Matt Smith was my Doctor.  No, he wasn’t my first Doctor, that was Christopher Eccelston.  But Matt Smith was my Doctor.  Not only does he look like my boyfriend, the man that I plan to marry, he has the same Suessical sort of sense of ridiculous sense of humor.  From the moment he burst forth from David Tennant, he stopped being the sad man that we all loved in Tennant.  When he started eating fish fingers and custard, which I will forever asociate with the Doctor, I knew we were dealing with a very different sort of Doctor than Tennant was.  I see Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith as the Doctor going through the phases of grief after Gallifrey fell.  Tennant was sadness, and Smith was denial -which left him with this manic sort of sense of fun.  We all get manic, and when the love of my life gets manic, he even moves like Matt Smith.

Don’t you agree that he sort of looks like Matt Smith?  Look at the picture!  Do it!

With Matt Smith came one of my favorite companions – Rory.  Rory wasn’t a companion, you say?  Well fuck you very much.  I don’t actually recall asking you.  I liked Amy, but Rory struck a special chord in my heart, because of the special frenship that he had with the Doctor.  He fell somewhere between bros and competitors for Amelia Pond’s heart.  Amy was sort of the third leg that held most of the weight during their travels, but Rory and the Doctor’s relationship with each other and with her are what held her up.  Rory was also sort of  … the Kenny of the Whoverse for a while.  Oh, look Rory’s dead again.  I wonder how they’re going to bring him back this time.  Until they didn’t.  I sobbed through that episode.

Spoilers from the Christmas episode under the cut.  Snip snip.

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