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Get Sick, Stay Sick: the Joys of Senior Care

Gorram it, today was the first day since last Sunday that I went to work without cold meds in my system and now I feel like crap again.

Working in Senior Care is such a weird mixture of needing to go into work because they likely won’t be able to find coverage at short notice, and doing A.M. or P.M. care for a department with a short staff sucks hard, and needing to stay home so that you don’t risk getting any of the residents sick.

Lucky for me, I just have a really shitty cold.  You know what that means?  My boss is more or less begging me to come in, at least to finish A.M. care.  Oh, I’m sorry did I say “lucky”?  What I really meant was “fucking shittily.”

So I’ve been feeling crappy since Sunday night.  I’ve worked Monday, (Tuesday is my regular day off) Wednesday, and Thursday basically stoned off my ass on a combination of Dayquil, Sudafed, and Aleve.  Friday, the meds didn’t work.  I mean, the first thing a co-worked said to me on Friday morning was:

“Wow, you look like shit.”
“Aw, good morning to you too.”

I pushed through all of A.M. care, Friday before I went home at approximately 11am.  By noon I was in bed, I got up a few times to eat, drink water and pee.  I didn’t get up again until 6:10am when my alarm went off.

Oh, right, it’s my weekend on, fucking fabulous.  When I went home on Friday my boss begged me to come in and do the same thing Saturday so that I wasn’t leaving my co-workers high and dry, and of course I’d get paid Sick Leave for the hours of my shift I didn’t finish.  I told her as long as I didn’t spike a fever or start throwing up, I’d do it.  Saturday I was feeling better – at least the Aleve and Sudafed were working (I had even cut the Dayquil from my cocktail)!  But, I left at 10:30am just because I didn’t want to push it.

Today I woke up feeling good.  It was pretty spectacular.  I didn’t have cold medication in my system for the first time in a week.  By noon, I felt like crap.  Okay, I didn’t feel like crap, I was just exhausted.  It felt like I had been awake for days.  I should have called my boss who was on duty today and gone home, but I’m a stubborn son of a bitch.  Tonight, I feel like crap.  I can’t breathe and my nose hurts from blowing it a few times today.  Oh, and I tried to take a nap when I got home and I couldn’t sleep because the fucking congestion kept waking me up.

All in all:

fuck being sick and fuck needing a pay check

Lucky me, I only have one more day of work before a day off – though I was hoping to enjoy this one, since I was sick on my last day off too.

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Foto Friday 3: Photos 11-16

Yes, this week my post comes without today’s photograph.  I’m hoping to come up with something less lame than all the other photographs that I’ve taken this week.  I felt like absolute crap starting, I believe, last Friday, so my discovery this week was this:

Feeling Like Death \ne Creativity 

January 11, 2014

I found this absolutely wonderful recipe for a vegan tomato soup from thugkitchen.com.  Of course I subbed 1/2 cup of vegetable stock for milk because I like my soup souper creamy (see what I did there?)

January 12, 2014
The Quils

And yes, I felt even worse on Sunday.  Sunday I felt like absolute death.  I couldn’t even call in to work because we were short staffed and I couldn’t leave my coworker alone on the floor.  She might have killed me.

January 13, 2014
My Ugly Mug

I told you my photos this week were lame.

January 14, 2014
Barnes and Noble Haul

Evan and I went to Barnes and Noble, after seeing Frozen.  I bought Looking for AlaskaThe Impossible Knife of Memory, and Burial Rites.  Oh, and I renewed my membership.

January 15, 2014
No Comment

Yes, yes, I licked the blanket.

January 16, 2014
Valentines for Everyone!

Christmas cards are lame.  Valentines are awesome – when you’re a kid.  I’m tired of walking past boxes of “class” valentines and not buying them.  So I’m sending Valentines to everyone.

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