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Coming to You from the Surface

Surface 3, that is.

Well, I turned 28 on Sunday, and basically, it blew hard.
Saturday afternoon Evan threw out his back.  We have no idea at all what he did to it.  He said that while he traveled between stores, he got out of his car and something felt wrong.  During the rest of the day it got worse.  The plan was that we were going to go out to dinner Saturday night rather than Sunday since Sunday was Mother’s Day (did I forget to mention that every single time my birthday falls on Sunday it falls on Mother’s Day?); except when he came home Sunday evening, and he was crooked.  He, being the stubborn man that he is, tried damn hard to get back out of bed: somehow he even got his clothes on – I actually had to convince him that he couldn’t make it!

Sunday morning, I had planned on going to church with my mother.  Needless to say, that did not happen.  Instead, I had to spend the morning driving Evan to Urgent Care.  He had to hobble his way to and from the car, leaning on his walking stick from Mount Fuji.  The doctor told him that his spine was s-shaped, prescribed him the fun drugs, and got him a doctor’s note to stay home from work for 3 days.

Until he went back to work Thursday, I almost killed him. I don’t mind taking care of him, and I know he’s (still today) in pain, but I didn’t realize how wearing it would be to have him home every minute of every day and in our bed basically for every minute of every day.  Man, I almost killed him.

And then yesterday, when he came home, I was trying to take a short nap that was just not happening.  When he came home, he crawled into bed with me and told me that we could go pick up my birthday gift.  He bought me a Surface!  When we were at Best Buy, he gave me an option: he’d buy me the Surface 3, or he’d put $500 towards a Surface Pro 3.  After some hemming and hawing I decided on the Surface.  I have a desktop – this will be more supplemental.

Anyway, I have a Surface.  I named it Tension because I’m a clever sonnofabitch.  So this is me, coming to you from my Surface, for the very first time, but it definitely won’t be the last.

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Four Crazy Years

After four years with the boif we took our first “real” vacation on our fourth anniversary.  Sure, we’ve gone to his family’s summer home, which I utterly adore – but this is the first vacation that we’ve had to plan everything from how to arrive to where to sleep to what bars to visit.  It was amazing.

Saturday, after work at 3pm, I changed into “travel clothes” (read: jeans and a wife beater) in the parking lot, and drove up to Evan’s house, about an hour of a drive.  At 4pm I arrived at his house.  Moments afterward, his father drove us to the train station where after a quick grab of a cup of coffee, we boarded the 4:42 train into New York City.  We got to NYC just before 6, and arrived at the Downtown Hilton Garden Inn right around 6pm.  It gave us a few hours to *ahem* nap before we had reservations around the corner.  Of course, I decided that after a day of work I needed a beer, so we stopped at the hotel’s bar.  AOA.  My beer, made by Evil Twin, was a Biscotti stout: fucking delicious.

After … napping and a shower, around 9pm we walked to the restaurant where we had 9:30 reservations that had been made three weeks prior.  Ninja NYC.  This event will be a post of it’s own.  Stay tuned.

Sunday was our “big” day in the city.  We got up around 11am, and got to the Matilda box office to rush the show.  Sadly, we did not win the lottery, and I didn’t want standing room, so we went to Guy Fieri’s restaurant, which happened to be across the street.  This will also likely have it’s own post, so continue to stay tuned. Our afternoon ended at the MoMa, which will definitely have it’s own post so that I can post some photos.  After the MoMa, we headed back to the hotel where I ate leftovers from Ninja and we … took a nap and watched Happy Feet on ABC Family, because we’re adults now and we get to decide what that means.  Our day on Sunday ended at the Way Station, which always deserves it’s own post. So, remember to stay tuned during the week for details.

Monday morning, I was nursing a mild hangover.  Let me tell you, the drinks at the Way Station are not low in alcohol content.  I wanted fries, hard.  But first we had to check out of the hotel, and we started to wander looking for a place to  eat.  We managed to wander into what I believe was little Italy and a place called Brinkley’s on Broome Street.  It was delicious, but I have so much to say, so say it with me: stay tuned.  After a brunch at Brinkley’s, we walked to Strand Books.  Usually I love this place, their tag line is “18 miles of books,” what is there not to love?  But my hangover was interfering with my enjoyment.  So I only bought one book: On Such Full Seas, I’ve heard very good things.  After I checked out I headed to The Bean across the street for a chai latte.  We sat on the bench outside and discussed our options.  We had planned on going to the Museum of Sex, but I just didn’t have the energy for another excursion.  So we headed home, arriving back at Evan’s house around 5pm.  One of our best friends came over that night and he and Evan watched some old movie, which I honestly cannot even remember the title of, not because I was drunk but because I just could not keep my fucking eyes open.

This morning, afternoon really, Evan and I rented Happy Feet 2 on Demand, because we’re awesome.  He made me an egg sandwich, but then after the movie ended, I headed home so I could shower and sleep in my own bed before I have to work tomorrow.

What a successful weekend!

I leave you with this picture of a Lisa Frank cement mixer that I snapped.
Only in NYC.

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Foto Friday, Part 2

Remember that I’m doing a weekly recap of my project 365, where I take a photo every day?  Yup.  It’s that day again!

January 4, 2014

Evan wants to know why the fuck I’m sticking my phone in his face.  We were watching Battlestar Galactica with my family.  It’s nice to be the one to introduce them to a groundbreaking series of science fiction, the way that they introduced me to Star Trek.

January 5, 2014

We went out to celebrate the fact that I will soon be debt free!  DANCE!  DANCE DANCE DANCE!  Evan and I are SO MANY steps closer to starting a life together.

January 6, 2014

The celebration continued?  Not really, Evan was sick and it was cold.  Hot sake is awesome.

January 7, 2014

Goddamned cold!  Time for tea!

January 8, 2014

I … uh … sort of almost forgot to take a photo.  This is bad.

January 9, 2014

I drove to the bank to deposit a loan-paying check, and took the long way home past the Perrineville Lake Park.  Preeeeetty.

January 10, 2014

I hear the roads were a nightmare this afternoon.  Luckily it hadn’t yet frozen when I drove in at 6:30am.

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