I Am The Nrrdling

*waves*  *looks around*  *pokes WordPress*  Is this thing on?  I think it is.  It might be.  I don’t know.  Oh well, here it goes.

I am the Nrrdling.  I decided on it when Nerdling was typoed into Nrrdling.  Is that a bad story?  Probably.  Regardless, it’s the truth.  Plus, “The Nerdling” was reserved.  What the crap does that mean?  Can anyone tell me?  Because it sounds like, someone signed up for WordPress and never followed through, to me.

As the blog tagline probably gives away, I’m 29 and a geek.  I’m a true Nerdling, in that both my parents are nerds/geeks.  Hell, they even met programming for Lockheed.  Most people of my generation remember when their family bought their very first computer.  I don’t.  I don’t have this memory because we’ve had a personal computer since I can remember.  Come on, my folks were a part of silicone valley when it was shiny and new!  I was raised in the right manner, with a dash of Star Wars and a whole lot of Star Trek.  I don’t even remember learning to read because what I remember is my mother reading the Hobbit to me, and then me reading bits of it to her.  While I was raised into geekdom, I embraced it more than either of my sisters did.  I read a book a week (at least), always have Netflix on, my boyfriend future fiance was a film major so I get to see whatever movie I want with him, and well, I’ve currently got a fez in my bedroom.  Basically, I’m a geek and damned proud of it.

I suppose you could call me Aryn, if you prefer, since it is my real name and all.  In my “real life” I’m a Certified Nurse Aide working in a  Long Term Living Community.  This kind of career gives me so much blog fodder, it’s amazing it’s taken me until now to start blogging again.  Of course, of all the blog fodder it gives me, I can really only talk about a very small amount of it.  Think of it this way:  I wipe your mother’s, grandmother’s, or even great grandmother’s shit – do you really want to hear about it?  Do you really want that out there for the world to see?  I live with my parents and two younger sisters.  I’m the sane one.  One is almost a year sober, as of when I write this (Hooray!).  The other hears a voice that we lovingly call Voldemort.  So it’s never a dull moment in my household.

This blog, it’s just the life of one Nrrdling.


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