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Happy Banned Books Week!

Unbeknownst to me, Banned Books Week began yesterday.  If I had known, I would have planned a week of bloggish things.  So, here’s just a quickie for today.

I scoured the ala lists of challenged books and used my memory of lists of banned books that I’ve seen over the years, and then I poked through my shelf of unread books and decided on two for the week.

In honor of Banned Books Week, I’ll be reading:

Looking for Alaska, by John Green

image yanked from here.

John Green in one of my favorite authors and a more modern addition to the lists of books that are challenged or banned.  I’ve read most everything he’s written except for some reason this one, and this is the award winning one – it is strange, even to me.

Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison is another one of those authors that I adore, and yet have not yet read her most critically acclaimed work.  I actually had to look pretty hard for a copy of this book, which truly surprised me, considering that she’s a Nobel Peace Prize winner in Literature.  All of her books were easy to find, except this one, which I really truly was searching for.

I also picked these two books for their range.  One young adult book written by an average middle aged, middle class, nerdy, white dude; and one adult prosaic book written by an older, fiery, Nobel peace prize winning African American woman.  Both are authors that are often banned, but for vastly different reasons, and yet they both appeal to this reader.

So embrace the variety that banned books bring.  Embrace their message.


…And now I nap.

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2014 Wimpy Book Challenge

Happy (almost) Christmas, readers!

On top of my yearly personal challenge to read 100 books in a year (which I fell far short of in 2013), I just found a wimpy monthly challenge to help me along in 2014.  This will give me a theme for at least one book every month.  I found the 2014 Wimpy Book Challenge on Debbie’s Spurts BookLikes.  The challenge is only for one book a month, but I’m planning as using it as a rough theme for the month, to at least get me moving.  Each review I write that fits the monthly theme will be tagged with “2014 Wimpy Book Challenge.”

January: Post Cabin Fever Slump
So, in January, that’s soon(!), read a book that was a holiday gift, or use a monetary gift/holiday bonus to buy a book to read.   Of course, January’s got some pretty crappy weather where I’m located on the East Coast of the United States, so if you don’t get gifted a book and cannot make it out to a store, pick a warm-weather book to escape the cold: pick a beach read.

February: Revive a Stalled Series
This one pretty much speaks for itself.  Everyone has a series that they started and put it down for some reason or another.  Pick that series back up.  Personally, I have big plans to finish A Song of Ice and Fire during the month of February.  Debbie has a note for those of you that aren’t series readers… I say, in this day and age where every single author thinks that books are required to be a trilogy, that you people who don’t read series are closely akin to fairies.

March: New Release
Read something that has been released in 2014.  Hey, we all need to read a new release sometimes.

April: Out of Zone
Read something out of your comfort zone.  The original post says to pick something based only on what tickles your fancy by book review.  I say, pick something, anything, from a genre that you don’t usually read.  For me, this will probably be a crime mystery novel.  They’re just not usually something I am drawn to.

May: Favorite Author
Read something new written by your favorite author, or one of your favorite authors.  I don’t mean a new release, what I mean is something new to you.  Maybe this will be the month I finally read Looking for Alaska, by John Green.

June: New-to-you-author
Pick a book that’s written by an author that you’ve never read before.  This could be an author that’s writing their first book, or an author that you’ve heard good things about but never gotten around to reading.

July: Whittle Your TBR Pile
This one is pretty self explanatory.  Read books from your To-Be-Read Pile.  For the entire month of July, I’m going to exhibit a mass amount of self-control and not purchase a single new book.  I will only read books that I already own.

August: Buddy Read
Get a buddy, join a book club, etc.  Read a book with a friend.  Maybe by August I’ll have more followers on my blog and we could do our own Buddy Read on the Nrrdling.  Either that, or perhaps I’ll poke at our Iggle friends to read with me.

September: That’s What (S)he Said
Post a list of books between 3 to 8 books long on social media (you blog, goodread, booklikes, twitter, facebook, etc).  Let your social media friends choose your novel for you from this list.

October: Another Group/Buddy Read
See August’s description.

November: Review Pick
Pick a book based solely on the reviews or the recommendations of friends.

December: 2014
For the last challenge of 2014, read a book that was published in 2014.

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